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IMG_0949IMG_0947IMG_0944IMG_0951If you know me you know that I am a little obsessed with our puppies Banks & Harry. So obsessed that a few months ago I thought I would spare my Instagram followers from constant puppy photos and create them their own Instagram account (@BanksandHarry). Crazy right? I have now turned into the crazy dog lady. Who would have thought.

Yes, I am really obsessed with our puppies but I have always thought it was cheesy to have their portraits done. I mean yes I am a little obsessed at times but I never wanted to be the lady with the needlepoint dog pillow or formal portrait of her dogs hanging on thewall in her house.

Good news, or I should say great news, I officially will never be that lady. While randomly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed a couple of days ago a girl I went to high school with posted “here is what my sister and I have been working on”. Being a little bored and not wanting to reply to the massive amount of e-mails that are currently filling my inbox I clicked the link. OH MY GOSH best decision of the day. Turns out Caroline and her sister Ellie have started a pet portrait company, Pets Who Party. They create personalized watercolored portraits of your pets having a good time: cracking open a cold one, smoking a stogie, wearing a party hat…you get the idea.

In just 3 simple steps (order size, e-mail pet photos, decide how you want your pet to be having a good time) I was able to get my order placed. Really excited to receive the portrait and don’t you worry it will be going on the wall.

For more information visit Pets Who Party or e-mail them:

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