Leather Pants

leather pantsleather pantsleather pantsleather pants leather pantsI love leather pants. I think they look so chic and effortless but I have never thought I was cool enough to pull them off. After seeing so many photos and realizing that I literally live in my black jeans I knew it was finally time to at least dip my toes in the water so I decided to get this (faux) leather pair. I want to wear them and see how I feel before I really dive in and splurge on the real deal.

If you are on the fence about sporting the leather pants I would go for it. Plus, this time of year they are all on sale and let’s be honest the styling of leather pants won’t change next fall…the only thing that will change will be the price! How do you feel about leather pants?

Shop My Favorite Leather & Faux Leather Pants

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