Kate Spade On Purpose

kate spade on purpose kate spade on purpose

I have had a life long long love with Kate Spade. When I was just 13 I got my very first Kate Spade piece and it was a green planner. Somehow I found many a plans to fill the pages with. As I got a bit older I have grown to love their cheery prints, bright colors and classic designs. To me, Kate Spade has always been a brand that is just happy.

As if I couldn’t love the brand anymore about a year ago Kate Spade teamed up with local artisans in Masoro, Rwanda and started the collection, On Purpose. Kate Spade On Purpose is handcrafted by these female artisans. The goal of creating On Purpose is to give these women economic stability in their communities, aiming to teach these artisans how to become global suppliers. I for one am a huge fan of the latest collection from On Purpose but I love what Kate Spade is doing for this community even more.

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