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Last week my sweet friend Grace e-mailed about a new line that she thought I should know about, Fait La Force. After doing a little snooping research on the Fait La Force site I knew this was something really special. Started by two girls, Emma & Chandler who had a vision of collaborating their passions of design and helping foster jobs across Haiti.

After meeting by chance, Emma was looking for production capabilities & Chandler has lived in Haiti with her husband working with artisans for the past 4 years, these two hit it off, put their minds together and Fait La Force was born! Currently Chandler and her husband run the Fait La Force workshop in Port au Prince, Haiti & work day-to-day with the artisans while Emma works on the design and stateside aspects of the company. Match made in heaven if you asked me!

Fait La Force is made up of thoughtfully designed products with local resources creating the perfect mix of modern and traditional. Although I picked a few of my favorites above, make sure to check out all of the Fait La Force products here.

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