Elements Apothecary

Amy Havins talks about the new apothecary section at Element's Boutique in Dallas.It’s no secret that I love Element’s Boutique in Dallas. In fact, some of my best and ‘forever’ pieces have come from that store. One of my favorite things about Element’s is that they always do things differently.

Element’s Boutique continually has some of the coolest and most unique items that no one else in Dallas has. Not that Element’s could get any cooler but they now have a full apothecary section. Carrying everything from my new favorite scent, Juliette Has a Gun Not A Perfume, Amouage perfume, to my go-to candles, Fornasetti. Needless to say the coolest store on Lover’s Lane just got that much cooler with their new apothecary section. Trust me, it’s a must see.

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