Currently Obsessed: Backpacks

A backpack is something that I have not owned since I was in high school (I graduated 13 years ago for those of you who were wondering). I have not owned a backpack not because I did not like them (they really are the best) but just because every time I decide to add a new bag to my collection, I opt for something that I can usually carry during the day or at night.

Before our summer travels started, I was shopping online one night (shocking, I know) and I came across this backpack. I loved the way it looked but more importantly I loved how functional it would be, especially now that Ralph is on the move. A backpack allows me to have two free hands to chase around my busy, busy little boy!

I ended up ordering this backpack (in red) and have LOVED using it, especially when Ralph is with me. It can fit everything (and more) that I need and it’s really, really cute. I cannot tell you the amount of compliments that I have gotten on it lately!

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