Camel Coat

camel coatcamel coatcamel coatcamel coat camel coatThis maybe a bold, bold claim but in my opinion there is no chicer item that you can have in your closet than a camel coat. A camel coat is that forever item that will never go out of style. It’s pretty much the signature shade of chic.

I recently got this camel coat and I can honestly say that I have worn it at least every other day. I wear it to the gym (to and from to clarify), to the grocery store (over sweats) and of course out and about. The camel coat is kind of magical because I am not kidding when I say that I can look so scrubby, throw the camel coat on and just like that I look much more put together. I am not sure what it is about this classic camel shade. It just has this luxe look and regardless of the price point of the specific coat, it looks verrrry nice. Are you a fan? Do you have one in your closet?

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