Summer’s Best One Pieces

Amy Havins shares the best one pieces for summer.Amy Havins shares the best one pieces for summer. I was on the phone with my littlest sister the other day and we were talking about one pieces and how much we adored and almost preferred them (they are SO cute right now). She has an upcoming beach trip with her boyfriends family and she wanted to add a cute one piece swimsuit to her collection. She had mentioned that she really liked this one piece that I recently bought but since we still have ‘sister rules’ (but really) she didn’t want to ‘copy’ me completely so she asked me to send her a few similar options.

While we decided on the perfect one piece for her upcoming beach trip (she bought this one), I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share with you all what I think are the best one pieces for summer.

I know there are SO many different directions to go when it comes to swimwear (especially one pieces) and while I do still have quite a few two pieces, I have really enjoyed wearing my one piece. I cannot wait to add more one pieces to my swimsuit collection for the summer!

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