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eyeliner eyeliner eyeliner eyeliner eyelinerYou would think that after wearing make up at least every other day for the last 15 years I would be an expert but I assure you I am still trying to learn the basics. One ‘basic’ that I still have not conquered after all this time is eye liner. Eyeliner can be tricky (and really daunting), especially when you are not a professional like yours truly. I have watched more you tube video tutorials and searched so many beauty blogs on how to get that perfect line, cat eye or whatever I am trying to achieve.

Although I am still learning and attempting to teach myself how to perfect my eyeliner one thing that I am confident in is the eyeliner that I am using. After trying SO many different liners at so many different price points (SO many price points) I have finally settled and am beyond pleased with the Chanel liquid pen liner. Not only does it make that perfect line, it lasts longer than any liquid pen liner I have ever used and for those of you who don’t always want that harsh black line it comes in brown! It really is amazing. If you are set on your eyeliner the next time it runs out I really recommend at least trying the Chanel liquid pen liner, I don’t think you will be disappointed! Get the liner here.

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