Best Bikini’s

Last week I did  post on what I thought were the best one pieces swimsuits to wear this summer. Since the post about one piece swimsuits was such a hit, I wanted to share what I thought were the cutest bikini’s for summer.

I just want to preface that yes, there are SO many different options when it comes to picking the perfect bikini, so I decided to share with you guys the bikinis that I currently have my eyes on.

Although I am such a fan of this line for swim (they have great bikinis for less busty girls), I also love everything from this bikini with ruffles to this scalloped bikini. Ok, you probably get it much as I love one piece swimsuits, I also love a bikini!

Goodness, so many choices but I really did try my best to narrow it down! Feel free to let me know if you have a favorite bikini for summer..would love to know!

green dress

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