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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite ‘silly’ holidays. I think it is such a sweet day to show those that you care about a little bit of love (cards, texts, cookies, flowers). While I don’t think that material items are always the way to go, I rounded up some of my favorite ideas in case you need some inspiration!...


Why My Valentine’s Day Is A Little Different This Year

Amy Havins wears a skirt and gucci pumps.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I hope this post finds you in a pleasant mood and feeling loved! But… if the cheesy heart-shaped balloons and floral explosions are just too much for you, that’s ok too. I grew up loving everything pink and girly, so it was only natural that Valentine’s Day was a fun holiday for me but if I am being honest, I’ll find an excuse to celebrate anything!


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Amy Havins shares the best gift guide for Valentine's Day.

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