Why My Valentine’s Day Is A Little Different This Year

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I hope this post finds you in a pleasant mood and feeling loved! But… if the cheesy heart-shaped balloons and floral explosions are just too much for you, that’s ok too. I grew up loving everything pink and girly, so it was only natural that Valentine’s Day was a fun holiday for me but if I am being honest, I’ll find an excuse to celebrate anything!

Before I even met Wade, which you can read about here, I loved getting together with my other single friends on Valentine’s Day. Even though we were single, it was just fun to share the day with people I loved to hang out with. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good chick flick and a bottle of wine with your besties. Funny enough, even though this will be me and Wade’s eighth Valentine’s day together, we still always do the same thing. We always pick up dinner and end up just watching a movie and relaxing at home. For us, that is the most fun thing to do!

It’s weird to think that this time next year, it won’t be just the two of us and more than likely we will probably be desperate for a date night out of the house! So, wherever this Valentine’s Day may find you, I hope you remember that life is full of surprises (I know from experience!) and the next great one could be right around the corner. Xo

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