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Stitch Fix

Amy Havins wears denim and a blouse from Stitch Fix.

All my life, I have loved to shop online and, of course, in stores. I cannot even (or don’t want to) tally up the number of hours I have spent browsing my favorites stores aimlessly. I love seeing all of the new styles, trying on things that I want, and just enjoying the entire shopping experience.

Since I found out I was pregnant last November, the idea and even the thought of shopping sounds so exhausting.


Trunk Club Women

Amy Havins shares her experience from the Trunk Club Women's Clubhouse in Dallas.

The last 5 months have been incredibly busy for us. Between trying to balance phase 1 of a home renovation, work, friends and family – I kind of feel like I have just been treading water barely having a minute for things that I used to really devote a lot of time to.

One of the things that has really taken a back seat the last few months is my closet....


Porter Magazine

Can we just take a moment and talk about how beautiful Gisele is? I could not have picked a better cover girl myself for the debut of Net-a-Porter’s new magazine, Porter.Porter (released February 7th) is the baby of the most wonderful online retailer, Net-a-Porter, and will be a 6 issue a year magazine filled from cover to cover with the most inspirational content....