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How to get back into working out

Amy Havins shares how to get back in shape with Nordstrom.

Working out can be well…blah. You are tired, have other things that you need to get done or you really just don’t feel like it. I promise, we have all been there because if working out and getting in shape were easy, we would all be what we think is the best version of ourselves.

For me, working out has always been something that I have tried to make a priority....


My “New” Active Routine

Amy Havins shares her favorite work out gear and her current work out routine.

Fitness has always been a really big part of my life. I have always enjoyed being active whether it be yoga, spin, going for a swim or even taking a jog outside. The last couple of years I have really focused more on challenging my body and attempting to get into really great shape. I did this by attending regular spin classes while also incorporating yoga into my weekly routine for balance. For me, the combination of spin and yoga really worked for my body.

If you read my blog post last night, you now know that things are about to get really different for me physically. Like, REALLY different. When I found out I was


Tory Sport

Amy Havins wears a tennis outfit from Tory Sport.

sleeveless polo c/o // sweater c/o // skirt c/o // shoes c/o // tennis bag c/o // sunnies

When it comes to physical activities (tennis, spin, yoga, golf), I have always had the motto that if you look good, you play good. While I cannot confirm that just because you look cute you actually play better but I will say you for sure feel better about yourself....