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The Best Golf Attire

Amy Havins wears Tory Sport Golf Attire.

If I have learned anything about golf over the years it is that there is no shortage of men’s golf attire. I mean if you were to look in just our closet alone, it would probably amaze you at the amount of options Wade has to play in. I am not a golfer but once in a blue moon, I will ride in the cart or just need a golf outfit (I know, random)....


Tory Sport

Amy Havins wears a tennis outfit from Tory Sport.

sleeveless polo c/o // sweater c/o // skirt c/o // shoes c/o // tennis bag c/o // sunnies

When it comes to physical activities (tennis, spin, yoga, golf), I have always had the motto that if you look good, you play good. While I cannot confirm that just because you look cute you actually play better but I will say you for sure feel better about yourself....


Happy Weekend

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Happy weekend! I hope you all had a lovely week. Our week went a bit fast. The husband and I spent the first half of the week in Miami for a much needed little beach getaway. The ocean, sand between our toes and LOTS of sunshine was exactly what we needed to recharge. While we were there we didn’t do too much....