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Blue Printed Blouse

Amy Havins wears a printed blue Shoshanna dress and skinny jeans.

In last Thursdays post I made a BIG announcement about some really exciting (and a little scary) changes that are happening sooner than later. Like I had mentioned, it was a secret that we had been keeping since November and I cannot tell you all how relieved I am to FINALLY be able to have it out in the open!

Since Thursday’s post was all about


New Addition

Amy and wade announce their pregnancy.

I am so excited to share with you all that we are expecting our first child this July! It is so crazy that I am even writing this post because this has been a BIG secret that Wade and I have been keeping since we found out in November.


Happy Weekend

Amy Havins shares an image of her favorite flower, pink peonies.

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Happy weekend! I am so excited that today is Friday because not only has this week been quite hectic but we have lots of fun plans for the weekend!

Ok, I’ll start with the last week. The last week has really been crazy. As we are wrapping up phase one of our home renovations, it seem like everyone is wanting to finish up at once....