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Vacation Style

vacation style

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Since the weather in Dallas has literally been freezing the last 2 weeks, I have found myself constantly looking at warm weathered pieces. Ironic right? Well between me already being sick of wearing layers and a warm weathered get away in the future; do you blame me?...


Why I love Dallas

Jack Spade

I get a lot of questions about Dallas. Specifically, why I love Dallas so much and my short answer is “I just do” but today I thought I would go into a bit more detail about why I really love it as much as I do.

I feel like wherever you were born, you always have ties to that place. For me that is Dallas. Being born and raised in Dallas I have gotten to have all of the experiences here and watched first hand a city that I have always called home get bigger and bigger.


50 Styles 50 States

Amy Havins shares her Old Navy style from Day to night in Dallas.

Growing up in Dallas has really influenced everything from my personality, the way I do things and also my personal style. I learned at an early age that when it comes to fashion in Dallas, you should always plan for the weather (Texas is HOT or COLD), climate control indoors does not exist (jackets are always necessary, regardless of the season) and denim, like this pair