Why I love Dallas

Jack SpadeI get a lot of questions about Dallas. Specifically, why I love Dallas so much and my short answer is “I just do” but today I thought I would go into a bit more detail about why I really love it as much as I do.

I feel like wherever you were born, you always have ties to that place. For me that is Dallas. Being born and raised in Dallas I have gotten to have all of the experiences here and watched first hand a city that I have always called home get bigger and bigger.

I started school in Richardson, Texas at a public school called Arapaho Elementary. After a couple of years there (and by the time my little sister was about to start kindergarten) my parents thought that the private school, Trinity Christian Academy, would be a better fit for our family and education. Best, decision ever on their part because not only did I receive an amazing education growing up, more importantly I made some of the best friends whom I still see weekly during that experience. Being only 30 and having friends for over 21 years is quite amazing and I thank not only my parents for that but also credit Dallas to attracting such wonderful families! So in summary, the educational options that Dallas provides are amazing and since Wade and I are going to cross that bridge in next 4-5 years; it makes us love Dallas that much more.

Dallas is really central. You can get North, South, East or West very easily without having to dedicate an entire day to travel. Plus, being only 20 miles from an international airport makes it THAT much easier to get away whenever you feel like it!

The restaurant options are endless. Did you know that Dallas has more restaurants per capita than New York? Crazy, I know. While we do tend to go to our same, favorite places (Neighborhood Services, Mi Cocina, Le Bilboquet, Hillston, Shin Sei and Campisis’s..to name a few); there are SO many great restaurants in Dallas. The last few months we have been trying new places which is always fun–there are constantly new spots popping up!

The shopping is…AMAZING. Living less than a mile from my favorite shopping center, Highland Park Village, has its perks but the shopping in Dallas is out of control amazing. From Downtown Neiman Marcus, to NorthPark to the furniture stores on Knox to the boutiques on Lovers Lane; the shopping is never ending and SO SO good. It’s so fun being able to be so close to so many pretty things!

The sports are excellent. From the Cowboys to the Mavericks to the Stars to the Rangers there is always a sporting event to catch…or at least watch at a bar!

Nights are fun. Although ‘going out’ (aka long dinners and a late night at a hotel bar) have taken a back seat during my pregnancy; nights out in Dallas have always been one of our favorite things. There are always so many people, so many options of places to go which always makes for a fun night out in my favorite city.

Another great thing about Dallas is there is literally always something to do. From events, to parks, to museums you never have an excuse to be bored. Even though I don’t do the best job always participating in an activity, knowing that I have the option makes me feel just as good!

As big as Dallas is, it really has the feels of a small town because wherever you live in the metroplex you tend to see the same people over and over. I love running into the same familiar faces while running errands or even at dinner! I love Dallas for the amazing life long friends I have made, the memories I made as a child and the fun I have had here with my husband. I cannot wait to do all the things that I did as a child while Ralph and I hope that he loves Dallas as much as we do!

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