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People often ask what is one thing that not many people know about me and my response every single time is ‘I love a good deal’. I am not sure that they really grasp how true this is. I mean it pains me to pay full price for anything because I know that if I am just a little bit patient within a few weeks the item will drop in price. If I had all the time in the world I would spend it shopping online for sales and constantly checking up on those items on my wish list to drop in price. Dream on because let’s be honest, no one has time to do that much internet searching.

Thanks to the site Rack It Up I don’t have to waist anymore time checking up on those items that I want to drop in price that I ‘need’ to add to my closet. They do all the work for me. It’s very similar to Pinterest because they have a button that you can drag to your bookmarks bar and all you do when you want or like an item is hit the Rack It Up button and it automatically adds the size, color you want to your Rack It Up virtual closet. Then whenever the items you have added get marked down or go on sale you get a nice little e-mail notification. It’s as simple as that and trust me when I say it is a game changer. No more waisted time checking up on those items you hope will go on sale or feeling pressure to purchase when you get the ‘flash sale’ e-mails!

Make sure to take a peek at the extensive list of stores that are compatible with Rack It Up (favorites include everything from Nordstrom, Piperlime & Tibi). Also, be sure to follow my closet & leave a link below in the comments section to your RIU closet so I can follow back!


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This post was brought to you by Rack It Up. All opinions are my own.

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