My Favorite Pregnancy Pillow

pregnancy pillow

Oh the pregnancy pillow…such a love/hate relationship. First off, I want to say that at a certain point in every pregnancy it really becomes necessary. Around week 26 of my first pregnancy, I finally caved and order “the pregnancy pillow” and honestly after just testing it for 1 minute, I was so mad at myself that I had not ordered it sooner. This time around at week 22 it became necessary. Everyone says that everything happens so much faster during your second pregnancy and it is so true! Last night I finally got the *best* nights sleep I have had in a while!

I am sure there are a handful of pregnancy pillows that are amazing but I loved this one so much when I was pregnant with Ralph, that the minute I got a little uncomfortable in bed at night, I decided to order it again for round two! Click here to get the best pregnancy pillow. xx

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