Mixing it Up

shampooEvery so often I like to change up my shampoo and conditioner combination. I feel like my hair gets “used” to whatever product I am using and becomes dull. For me, the easiest fix to my dull hair is changing up what shampoo and conditioner!

One of my favorite shampoo/conditioner’s that I always go back to has always been this Bumble & Bumble. Like I said, my hair was feeling a little dull because I have been using this Bumble & Bumble for longer than I normally do, so I decided to try this new Fekkai shampoo.

I used to use Fekkai hair products YEARS ago and then just kind of stopped for no reason. Not because they were bad, I just found Bumble and Bumble and liked it better. Well, a few weeks ago I learned from a friend that Fekkai has completely redone their formulas  (aka new types of shampoo/conditioner). I wanted to try them for myself so I ordered this shampoo/conditioner combination and I have LOVED using them!

If you click here you can see all the different types of shampoo/conditioners they offer (for all hair types) but this is the one I have been using and I LOVE it!

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