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Live Love Pop Live Love Pop Live Love Pop Live Love Pop

When it comes to snacking I am a fan and always doing it. You can call me a professional snack addict. Since I work from home during the day I find myself constantly making trips past the pantry just to ‘take a peek’. As much as I would love to dig into the Teddy Grahams, fruit or Oreo’s (hungry yet?), as of late my ‘go to’ grab has been Live Love Pop popcorn.

This snack is really satisfying and a much better option than other things! Every bag of Live Love Pop is low-calorie, gluten-free, free of preservatives, vegan, whole grain, and most importantly, DELICIOUS. Although I do like all the flavors the truffle salt is my current favorite and my husband is currently preferring the sea salt. Make sure to try this yummy popcorn. Trust me, Live Love Pop will be your new go to! 

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