FramebridgeFramebridge FramebridgeDriving to the store, printing photos and figuring out what frame to buy is sadly such a thing of the past and SUCH a chore. If you are like me you take hundreds if not thousands of photos on your phone yet if you walked in our house you would think that I don’t take pictures at all.

Last weekend while at the Reward Style Conference (rS the con) I came across the most genius custom framing company ever, Framebridge. Frame bridge is as simple as it gets…which let’s be honest, we all need simple. Long story short, you select the style of frame you want for your wall (clean, classic or eclectic). Then you upload a photo of your art you are framing or the actual image from your phone to the Framebridge site or their mobile app to see what it will look like in the frame. Once you decided what style looks best your your walls, Framebridge will either send you a box to collect the piece that is to be framed or you just upload it to their site. Then, it’s just like magic, they custom frame your piece and mail it right to you. Such a cool concept and so seamless, the best way to make that gallery wall you know you have wanted but didn’t even know where to start with it.

Not going to lie, this would make the perfect gift for mothers/fathers day, a birthday or a just because gift. Can you tell I am obsessed with Framebridge? I just love things that make life less complicated because we all know that nobody has time for complicated.

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