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A stroller can be one of the most intimidating things to purchase pre-baby. You have NO clue where to start (there are SO many), which is the best or what you will even really need/use. Pre-Ralph, I started with what I thought I needed. I did research, asked friends and then kind of went with what I thought would be best. Like anything, it is MAJOR trial and error and personal preference.

Currently, we have 4 strollers but I am going to add “number 3” (the doona) to my collection before baby girl arrives (so we will have 5 total). We had “number 3” with Ralph and it is hands down the best stroller you can get for the first 12-13 months. The reason we do not have it anymore is because I donated it when Ralph out grew it. My thought process was I would rather a new mom that might to initially be able to have one, get to enjoy the convenience of it, than it sit in a closet for 2 years when we w0uld finally get around to using it again (this is one of the main reasons we don’t have a lot of clutter around our home).

Okay, to start I am going to let you know what strollers/etc we started with and then break down when and why we added each of the above strollers that are pictured. To keep it simple (and since majority do not know the names of each of the strollers), I am going to refer to each of the strollers as a number (you can see the number pictured on the bottom right of each of the above strollers pictured).

So now why you are really here! When Ralph was born we had two strollers. We had number five (the bugaboo) and number three (the doona) as well as this car seat. I am just going to go ahead and say it but this car seat was such waste of $$$. Before Ralph, I didn’t realize that you would only use it for maybe a year, plus WHY would I have a car seat when I have the doona (number three). If you are not familiar, the doona is a car seat and a stroller. It has a base that attaches in your car (like a normal car seat) except when you get your car seat (aka the doona) out of your car, you push button, wheels pop down and it turns into a stroller. Why the heck was I schlepping around a car seat (while hurting my back) when I could use something as simple as the doona??? It took me about a month but we finally removed the original car seat from the car and doona (number three) became life.

Funny enough during that first month anytime I would take Ralph anywhere, I would pop open my bugaboo stroller (that took up the majority of my trunk) and then insert his infant car seat into that base. Guys, I LOVE our bugaboo stroller for walks around our neighborhood but it was so silly to be putting that in our trunk when I could literally just have the doona and zip around (while still having trunk space) so easily! Long story; it was just too much stuff and SO bulky…if you have learned anything from this post thus far it is that the DOONA IS LIFE. Buy a doona, don’t buy an infant car seat because the doona is an infant car seat and a stroller!

*Now I am going to break down each stroller, when we added it and WHY*

  1. BabyZen YOYO 6+ Stroller: This stroller is amazing. We added it for the sole purpose of a travel stroller when Ralph outgrew the doona but we have actually ended up using it SO much. It easily folds up (has a strap to put over your shoulder) and is great (and durable) for walks.
    1. Why: Travel/Daily Stroller
    2. When: When we had to say goodbye to the Doona (around 13 months) but you can use it as early as the newborn stages (with this newborn kit)
    3. Purpose: Travel stroller but also so durable if you wanted to have this one to use for everything from walking around the neighborhood to strolling around the mall. The best part about this stroller is that it folds up and fits in the overhead bin on an airplane so you DO NOT have to check a stroller at the gate (or with luggage). It is also durable for using to take on walks, perfect for strolling around the mall and really anything. Honestly, if you buy two stroller situations pre-baby it should be the YOYO (use for walking around the neighborhood at first) and the doona. It’s for sure more cost effective than the Bugaboo, plus you can actually fold the YOYO up and travel with it. I often see people schlepping through airports with big strollers with more sh*t than they need and I just laugh (on the inside of course). Like why make it harder to travel and get around with your kid?? Streamline this process and make it smaller and more simple! YOYO is a MUST HAVE!!
    4. How Long: You an actually use this from the beginning (with this newborn kit) up until your child refuses to be in a  stroller (so forever?? fingers crossed). Ralph is still in this stroller and honestly it is THE BEST.
    5. Cost: $549 + $224 (if you purchase the newborn starter kit)
  2. Silver Cross Balmoral Pram: The Silver Cross Pram has been around since 1877. It is one of the most classic strollers to have ever been made. Most of the time these prams are seen in larger cities (think NYC) and all over Europe (the pram as always been a favorite of Kate Middleton). I have always wanted a pram. Practical? No (it doesn’t break down and when it was delivered it was literally rolled off of a moving truck) but I would file the pram under a work of art/heirloom. It is one of the most beautiful ‘baby’ items that we have and I will never part ways with such a beautiful thing. When Ralph was a new baby I used to stroll around the neighborhood with the pram. It strolls like a dream and truly is so beautiful.
    1. Why: Strolling/Heirloom
    2. When: Ralph was 4 weeks old when it arrived
    3. Purpose: Heirloom/ you have to really ‘want’ it to add it because it is not the most practical. This pram I will be passing down!
    4. How Long: 7 months
    5. Cost: $3,999
  3. Doona: This is my NUMBER ONE baby item, ever.
    1. Why: Because it is the BEST thing ever invented. #TRUST
    2. When: 0-12 or 13 months (doona is based upon height and weight)
    3. Purpose: car seat AND a stroller combo. You do not need to buy an infant car seat (it comes with a car seat base to install in your car) or a stroller for running errands/malls/travel because the doona can be used for both things. It is literally the best invention ever and SO easy to use and travel with!
    4. How Long: 13 months (for us). Ralph grew out of his Doona when he was 13 months old, so we bought this car seat for each of our cars and it does not get removed from our vehicles.
    5. Cost: $499 ($599 if you opt for the special edition version but the only difference is the special addition has a leather handle)
  4. GB Pockit Stroller: This is a great alternative and more affordable version of the YOYO. I have traveled with the Pockit and gone on walks and while it is not the most durable for walks (not as smooth) it is a GREAT stroller for the price. If you are wanting to save money and are deciding between the Pockit stroller and the YOYO, just buy the Pockit. You will be really happy with it. Plus it fits in the overhead compartment on an airplane!
    1. Why: Travel
    2. When: 6 months – ??? (when your child can sit up)
    3. Purpose: Travel (it fits between the airplane aisles so if you have a child that needs to be strapped in until they are strapped in an airplane seat, this is a GREAT stroller for you.
    4. How Long: YEARS. This is by far the most reasonable
    5. Cost: $179
  5. Bugaboo: Okay, I often get asked why Bugaboo over the Uppa Baby and honestly it’s just a personal preference. I think the Bugaboo has a better feeling when you “push” it around. When stroller shopping we were not looking for a stroller that we could add a bunch of parts onto if we had a second baby. The thought of schlepping around a double stroller or adding a converter where we can push around more than one kid just doesn’t sound appealing. I get it, it will be tricky to balance a new baby and Ralph if we are out but if you have had a newborn before you know that you really don’t leave the house very much the first 2-3 months with a new baby (germs + a new baby with little immunity is not something I risk, especially now). Is a big stroller like the Bugaboo necessary? No. It is a dream to push and does my child love it? Yes.
    1. Why: Walks
    2. When: We used this from the beginning (it comes with a bassinet for strolling) and then when Ralph could sit up, I swapped the bassinet for the chair (it comes with both).
    3. Purpose: Walks (for us) but some travel with it or take it out for errands (not me, we used doona at the beginning and then when Ralph outgrew doona we started using the YOYO for errands IF he needs to be in a stroller)
    4. How Long: 0- However long your child will allow you to push them in a stroller
    5. Cost: $1299

Please note that this is just MY opinion and explanation of how we use these strollers. All strollers appeal to different people (that’s why there are so many) and have different uses. If you don’t feel like doing research and skipping this entire post these are the three most important things to take away from this post. Buy the Doona (acts as your car seat/stroller for the first year), buy the BabyZen YOYO (walks and travel when you grow out of the doona) and then buy the Nuna Rava for your child when they can no longer sit in the doona in the car. Nuna Rava car seat should last YEARS!!

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