2020 Holiday Cards

holiday 2020 cardsholiday 2020 cardsholiday 2020 cardsholiday 2020 cards

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost the most wonderful time of year. With as crazy as 2020 has been, we decided to began putting up our holiday decorations today (yes, I know it’s only November 9th). Our oldest, Ralph, is 3 1/2 and cannot stop talking about everything from Santa to Christmas trees, so I figured why not get ahead start at our house and make this holiday season last a few weeks longer. Don’t worry, I still plan on setting the table for Thanksgiving but this year has been one of the more confusing ones so why not decorate for the holidays before Thanksgiving!

One of the things I am MOST proud of myself for getting together is holiday cards. Last year I didn’t bother sending them out (maybe my subconscious knew this year would be strange) and the 2018 holiday cards are still sitting nicely in a cabinet (I know, I’m the worst). This year is different. Maybe it’s because it’s been a couple of years since I sent cards out, the fact that Ralphie is SO excited about everything holiday or that I want to share my little family with our loved ones but I made a MAJOR point to check the holiday cards off my list early this year!

Since it has been a couple of years since I sent out a holiday card, I wanted to send out an *extra* special card, so I decided to use Dallas’ finest, Bell’INVITO. If you’re not familiar with Bell’INVITO you need to be because EVERYTHING from their gift tags to their personalized stationary is top of the line. It’s funny but I know I am getting older because I finally appreciate a beautiful card and Bell’INVITO makes just that.

For this holiday season card, I decided to use one of my favorite photos from our first shoot with our little Vivienne. Thankfully Bell’INVITO made it quite easy with a handful of beautiful holiday card options. Since there is a lot of blue in the photo, I selected this card (you can see the blue on the card) with the candy canes. To me, it’s a very “me” card but also with a holiday twist! I will say, I love all of the holiday card options that Bell’INVITO has (click here to see them). Upon ordering, the cards took less than two weeks (they go quicker if you go with the digital option) and I am so pleased with them.

After working with Bell’INVITO on our 2020 holiday cards, my next purchase is going to be stationary. They really do make the most beautiful stationary ever (I wish you could feel our holiday cards, they are a dream) and I love that they are Dallas based (although you can get them shipped to anywhere!).

Whether you are in need of holiday cards, personalized stationary, invitations (my best friend Krystal used them for her wedding invitations) or a special gift for someone this holiday season (who wouldn’t love to be gifted most beautiful stationary ever), I cannot say enough amazing things about Dallas based Bell’INVITO.

Click here to personalize your own stationary. 

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