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Nike is the only brand I have ever worn to work out it. No, I am not too much of a freak, it is just a brand that was introduced to me by my dad at a very young age. Is it sad that I remember my first pair of Nike running shoes? What can I say, I am a create of habit. Aren’t we all?

Years and years later I was given Zella work out pants & a couple of tops by the same person who got me hooked on Nike, my dad. Talk about mixed emotions. Of course I kindly thanked him but the entire time I was thinking ‘why would he buy anything but Nike? He knows I only wear Nike to work out in!’. Well, dad knows best right? Knowing how much I love great work out clothes, he had come across the brand at Nordstrom. I guess he was talked into the pants and top but boy am I glad he was. You guys, the Zella pants (next to Nike of course) are not only super comfortable, the fit & the length are great also. They have also upheld more wears and spin classes than you could even imagine. Needless to say, I really like the brand and more importantly their stuff is so cute. Priorities, I know.

While I will never buy any other running shoes but Nikes and will continue to buy Nike work out clothes, I can honestly say that every now and then I will add a few pieces from Zella.

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