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One thing that has always been important to me is working out. It is something that I have always made a priority be it boxing, spin, running or yoga. I will admit that I am a creature of habit so once I get hooked on a particular work out I do it for a long time.

If you are close to me you know that currently spin is my thing. I just started my 10th month and I try and go at least 6-7 days a week which sometimes can be physically exhausting but I always feel so great when the class ends. I love that spin is only 45 minutes, if you cancel they charge you (makes you not cancel) and they even sneak in a little arm work out. Amazing right? Well, at least I think so.

Being the beginning of a new year one of the other resolutions I have made is to loosen up my habits, specifically, my work outs. Yes I want to continue to do spin but I also want to sneak in some yoga classes every so often and even pick up running again. Yesterday my friend Katie took me to a bikram class. If you are not familiar with bikram it is a heated yoga class. Katie convinced me that the class was an ‘hour & some’ but really it was an hour and a half. Yes, I unknowingly walked into 90 minutes of sweating like a pig, moving in ways that I never have, combined with the realization of how unflexible I really am. Sounds brutal right? Wrong. It was actually great. I can honestly say that it was nice to mix up my routine. I will say that I probably won’t be attending the 90 minute class anytime soon but I will make an effort to at least try a shorter class every so often. Baby steps.

What kind of work outs do you like?little green dress

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