gray malingray malingray malingray malingray malinWe have lived in our house exactly 10 months today. As I have learned with everything great things take time. As much as I wish I could snap my fingers and our house would be completely decorated and perfectly accessorized thats just not reality (at least not for me).

About a month ago while the husband and I were reading Baileys blog we were really inspired (especially by the Alligator Alley paint) and we decided to have every room but the office and the guest room painted. GAME CHANGER. It really is amazing what fresh coats of paint can do. While I am not sure what we will end up doing paint wise with those 2 rooms/bathrooms, after attending the Gray Malin event at 4510 last month I walked in the bathroom and my jaw dropped when I saw his wallpaper collection in person. I have always been a less is more kinda gal but ever since that event I have been thinking of some way to incorporate the wallpaper into our house. Thinking the office or guest room bathroom would be the perfect place for this amazing wallpaper. Especially have my eyes on the Lisbon Umbrellas paper (the first one) thinking I need to pull the trigger soon…

Lisbon Umbrellas//Amalfi Coast//Dubai Umbrellas//Lisbon Diagonal//Dubai Beach

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