Tuesday’s Trend: Closet Tricks

Dallas Wardrobe

Along with blogging and writing my monthly column for Grand Luxe Magazine my actual occupation is wardrobe consultanting. Now you are probably wondering what exactly a wardrobe consultant does. In a nutshell, I dress, style, shop, pack and organize peoples lives [and closets].

So in order to mix up the weekly Tuesday’s Trend post, I wanted to share some of my favorite tricks of the trade [a.k.a. closet tricks]. Now, I am only going to share a few because I cannot give away all of my secrets!

1. Mix up your wardrobe. By moving your clothing around you may discover garments that you haven’t seen in years

2. if you have the space hang up as much as you can. if you can see it, you will wear it

3. replace wire + plastic hangers with velvet hangers. not only will they create more space + help keep the shape of your clothing, but they make your space look neat and organized

4. treat you closet like a real room. add a lamp, rug or even a chandelier to create your own personalized dressing room

5. if you live in a small space, replace your swinging closet doors with curtains or hanging screens to create more space

I hope these closet tips may inspire and help you to get your closet spring cleaning started…if not, I am always willing to help! Happy Tuesday! xx

photo c/o CWQ

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