Tory Burch Hostess Gifts

tory burchtory burchtory burchIt’s no secret that Tory Burch is the ultimate hostess and probably guest (I am assuming). From the photos alone you can tell that this girl has set a table (or hundreds) in her life. One thing that I hope to get better at is being the hostess with the mostest. This past Thanksgiving I put my hosting skills to the test and hosted Thanksgiving. I will say that I was a bit stressed about setting the perfect table but thanks to my grandmother who has more dishes, chargers, trinkets and vases than one could dream I would say that my table came together beautifully.

Although hosting is for sure a skill that takes a second to master (I am still learning), being a good guest is just as important. One of the keys to being a good guest is always remembering to bring the host a tiny little something to say thank you. I usually opt for fresh flowers because I for one love nothing more than flowers but I will admit I need to get better at being more prepared. One thing that I have always loved that my grandmother has is her hostess cabinet. She has a cabinet in her home (and always has) filled with candles, stationary, ribbons and other creative gifts. Maybe one day I will be that organized and prepared but for now I will just keep ordering my favorite Tory Burch hostess gifts (like this soap set) or picking up fresh flowers.

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