Teacher Gifts

Is it just me, or did this school year absolutely fly by? I feel like it was just yesterday that we took our “first day of school” pictures, and now all of a sudden we are about to start summer break. Ralph had a great year in Pre-K 4, and Vivienne loved her first year in Pre-K 2. Their teachers are all amazing, and I truly love searching for the perfect end-of-year teacher gifts. This year, we had 13(!) teachers between the two kids, and I am so happy with what we decided to go with. Each teacher received a rattan tote with their name embroidered on it, as well as a pack of Paper Mate pens (every teacher loves these) and a Starbucks gift card (even if they don’t drink coffee, Starbucks has lots of other yummy drinks!). I also included a little note signed from our family in each tote, and then I wrapped them all up with some simple clear wrap and tied it all together with navy ribbon, which perfectly matched the names on the totes. Overall, I am so happy with the way they turned out, and I hope that Ralph and Vivienne’s teachers know how thankful we are for each of them.

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