Summer’s Best Sunnies

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Although I have always loved sunglasses, lately I have had this weird obsession where I am constantly looking to add to my (tiny) collection. It’s weird but sunglasses can really change your look and even your mood.

A couple of weeks ago we were in Las Vegas celebrating my triplet cousins and as I was on the way to somewhere (who even knows), I passes a sunglass shop. Having not really purchased a pair in a while I thought I would at least pop in and try on some glasses that I have had my eyes on. Well, you guessed it. I caved and bought these sunnies. Not only are they my new favorite, it’s like a light went off and all I want to do is shop for more. Eeeeek, I know. For now I am just going to share my favorite summer sunnies with you and hopefully not give in and add another pair to my collection. We shall see….

Summer’s Best Sunnies

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