With New York fashion week right around the corner I have already began stressing thinking about my packing list. I hate to state the obvious but one of the things that is always such a beating about NYFW are my feet. In no way is it normal to walk around all day in 4 inch heels & anyone that can do that I really do applaud you. Last September I was semi prepared and brought my favorite ballet flats. This season in anticipation of the icy temperatures & being realistic about the amount of walking we actually do I am planning on going big or going home by bringing sneakers.

Your initial thought to me wanting to pack my sneakers would be that it was very grandma of me but I promise you that won’t be the case. If you find the right pair sneakers can actually be really chic. Take a look at how my good friend Mary wears hers all-the-time and looks adorable. Still hunting for the perfect pair but I am really leaning towards the all black. It’ll go with everything right? Or does that even matter…

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