Running Out of Pages

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I cannot even believe that August has almost come to an end. Where does the time go? I am not sure if it is because it is my birthday week or that I am weirdly busy and trying to plan out the fall that I keep looking at the calendar so much. It was just today that I realized there are only a few more months in the year and I am running out of pages. Yeah, yeah sad I know but one of the worst part of the year coming to an end is that so does your calendar. Immediately after I realized this I ordered my 2014 calendar. Although every year since I have been in college I have ordered an annual calendar from Graphic Image, the best part about them is the large selection of colors they offer every year. For 2014 I decided to go with Magenta Embossed Python Leather. Another great thing is they are putting my initials on it (anything with your initials on it never gets old). Pretty snazzy right? I can’t wait to get my new calendar so I can start filling in events for next year!

p.s. Graphic Image is offering complimentary personalization + free shipping this Labor Day weekend!

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