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When getting dressed for any occasion I always lean towards a girly yet polished look. Funny enough this also translates into my purchases. If there is one thing that I have always done it is really thinking through my purchases. I never buy impulsively because it really bothers me to just ‘buy’ because I like to make sure that every item that comes through my closet doors has a purpose and I LOVE a good deal.

One thing that I have always really put a lot of thought into is my bag purchases. I credit this thought process and love for handbags to my sweet grandmother. When I was younger I used to spend HOURS in her closet playing dress up and admiring all of her fun things. Still to this day I go to her house and ‘borrow’ certain bags or pieces for special occasions.

As someone who constantly ‘window shops’ the world wide web and stalks certain retailers for good deals I cannot tell you how pleased I was when I came across Reebonz. If you are not (yet) familiar with Reebonz you are about to love me & hate me at the same time. Reebonz brings you straight into the world of private sales, with exclusive members only deals. It is made up of a section of events catered to selling a wide variety of new and pre-owned handbags, accessories and shoes at affordable prices. A.k.a. a shopaholic & deals girl (and guys) dream.

As if Reebonz couldn’t get any more amazing, they are launching a new blog, honoring the fashion capitals of the world in September, with every week focusing on a new city. I cannot tell you how excited I am about the Reebonz September campaign, Front Row Fashion, because I love nothing more than a daily blog filled with pages of international content, talking about everything from runway fashion trends to icons and even include curated selections of handbags and accessories put together by the Reebonz editorial team.

Don’t forget to take a peek at all of the goodies that Reebonz currently has in stock…things go quick but there are so many treasures that would be the perfect addition to anyones closet.

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photos by Sukilynn

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