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printed pantsDSC0505 2015-spor-kombinleri DSC_0013-1 fashion-5days-valerieboster-9_18242656420444bdea42d0fd3264ab47a8b5988b7be1Last week I posted about a favorite pair of printed jeans that I own. While I did admit that I was a bit nervous about wearing them I did make sure to make that even though the pants were a bit wild that I still made them very ‘me’. Fast forward just a few days and now I cannot get enough. Literally, obsessed. It is almost as if a light bulb went off in my head and I realized how much I love a great printed pant. I even got a printed short-suit on Monday that I cannot wait to wear all spring and summer long.

Artistic prints, especially on pants, are a HUGE trend for spring. While last week I didn’t know if I was ready to wear a print on print, I am officially diving right in. While I was apprehensive at first because such a bold piece is hard to wear over and over again because it is so memorable, I know I will be able to mix up the looks enough by wearing them with blazers, plain tee shirts & blouses throughout the spring and summer. Are you a fan of the printed pant?

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