Hello November

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Whoah, it is November. Can you even believe that? I hate to even say this but we are now 55 days away from Christmas. Yikes.

After a busy,busy week consisting of work, the season opener for the Dallas Mavericks, spending time with girlfriends and passing out Halloween candy with Molly this weekend will be spent relaxing. We have no plans. Yes, NO plans and I could not be more thrilled. Sometimes its nice to just slow down a bit, stay in your robe all day and take care of those things you have been wanting to take care of for quite sometime. I know I said no plans but the only tentative schedule I am making is to sleep in, get a massage, eat leftover candy and finish Breaking Bad (almost finished with season 2). Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend to me. Whatever you are planning on doing this weekend I hope it is just perfect! xx

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