New Years Resolutions

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New Years resolutions. Where to even begin. As you can see my delayed post about what my new years resolutions actually are should be an inclination of how they are such a priority. So as someone who is 7 days late to openly discussing her resolutions, this post is my attempt and hope that if I put it out there it will continually happen throughout the rest of the year.

**be on time: This is something that I am SO bad about. I swear I am 6 minutes late to everything.

**become a morning person: I am the exact opposite of a morning person. I need to try and change that. Enough said.

**go to bed earlier: directly related as to why I am not a morning person

**read a book every other month: suggestions welcome

**watch the news: I for sure need a little more [world] news in my life.

Well, those are my top 5 for 2015. Wish me luck and I do have to ask, what were your resolutions this year?

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