my holiday organization essentials

If you are anything like me, you are about ready for the holiday decor to come down! I love decorating for the kids, of course, but a month is about the longest we have our holiday decorations up. Now, it’s time to pack it away & safely store everything for the next 11 months. Here are my “must have” items that keep all of my holiday decorations organized:

  • these clear, watertight storage bins keep everything safe (and dry)- plus, it’s always easy to find something & grab what you need since they are clear! No more digging through giant bins that you need a flashlight to see into.
  • I use this label maker frequently, and it’s super easy to make all different kinds of labels. If you like being organized, you need it.
  • For those of us that use artificial trees, get yourself a tree bag and thank me later. The bag keeps all the pieces together and prevents dust from getting in.
  • Same goes for artificial wreaths- these bags are so useful and they even have handles for easy transport. I also curl my garland up in these for the year- it’s the perfect shape!
  • Let’s talk about ornaments. They are so beautiful, but they can be a pain to store. Once you try a proper ornament-organizer, you’ll never go back. I use these smaller storage boxes for my kids ornaments; Ralph and Vivienne each have their own tree, so I just give them each their own storage box and it’s very easy for them to take each ornament off their little tree and put it straight into one of the compartments.
  • I use a few of these larger ones to store the ornaments from our main tree. Just like the smaller boxes, this version also has multiple compartments that are adjustable depending on what you are storing.

Happy organizing!



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