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Since summer has come and gone (how did it go so quickly), it is time to do a little life update. Although nothing too major is going on, it is always fun to give you all just a little more insight to what is going on since you only see about 30 seconds of my life daily (via instagram stories) or even if you do read here, sometimes I don’t go into a whole lot of detail!

I am not really even sure when I gave an update last. To be honest, I feel like this summer is the first summer in as long as I can remember that I kind of just stepped away from all things social media. I know it’s bad because this is my job but my number one job is being a wife and a mother. Since I got to spend lots of time away with my little family in Idaho and California, I really wanted to soak up as much as I could and in doing that, this online space got a little less love. Now that summer is over, we are in Dallas for a bit and really getting back into a more normal routine.

I guess I will start with the end of last spring as I feel like that is the last time I even wrote anything that was more personal. As most of you know, we moved into a new house last March. While the house is brand new, just because something is new doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need work. While the scale of work is much less than our previous house that we re-did, there have still been on going projects and other decor related things that we are slowly checking off the list. We just like to put our own touch on things!

One of the more recent projects the we have done with our house is re-doing the floors in the guest rooms and baby Ralphs room, as well as re-doing our master closet (which is going to be so good when it is done). While these projects do take time, the results have been amazing and I promise to share more!

We are still waiting on about 7 things interior design wise to come in and then I feel like we will do a once over and see what spaces we have missed or need a little something extra. Let’s just say, I am really looking forward to the day when I walk into a room in our house and I am not waiting on anything to arrive! I just want it to be done but I do have to say, as long as this stuff takes, it is so worth it to take your time and do it right (for me that is with the help of our interior designer).

Besides interior projects, I would say Ralph is our number one at the house. We had his first birthday party in July (still need to post about that because it was ADORABLE), watched him learn to walk and discover new things every day.

Ralph did start school last month and that has been a pretty big thing for us. Before you laugh that I am sending my 14 month old to school, let me explain! It is more of a time where he goes and learns/plays with  7 other kids, twice a week for a few hours a day. I would be lying if I said I was not so nervous to drop him off the first day but when he didn’t even shed a tear and just smiled at me, I knew he was just fine. Honestly, us doing this for him is the best decision we have made. It allows Ralph to socialize (sooo important), and also be in a loving environment where he can grow and learn new skills. He comes home exhausted but the teachers send updates all morning and he looks SO happy in the pictures. I mean a picture with 8 little one year olds having a snack together at the little table is the best thing ever to see.

I really cannot believe that it is already the middle of September and that in just a few short months we will be ringing in the new year. For now though, we are just going to enjoy our fall, gear up for the holiday madness at some point and HOPEFULLY get some cooler weather.. xx

photo taken in june 2018

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