Life Lately

Wow. It is truly hard to believe that we are just a couple days away from October. Before I give you all a “quick” life update, I wanted to apologize for being so absent in this space. Since starting this little corner of the internet 11 1/2 years so much has life has happened and I feel like now with two (small) children, this space has taken somewhat of an unplanned backseat. While that was *not* the plan, after many of the DM’s and e-mails I have received from you all asking for me to continue posting, I have made a promise to myself (and to you all) to be more consistent.

That being said, a quick version of what has been going on in 2022 is lots of travel, we sold our home, bought (and are currently renovating) our dream house, Ralph turned 5, Vivienne turned 2, we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and are truly in what most call “full swing fall mode”. The kids are busier than ever (yes, I know it will get even busier) and most days I blink and ask myself how it is already bedtime again!

Make sure to keep checking back here, as I am going to be better about updating! Also, you can always follow along on Instagram (@AmyHavins), as I am constantly updating on stories. Have the loveliest Thursday. xx

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