Hey, It’s Ok

interiorsHey, it’s ok is a phrase that has been said around our house quite a bit the last couple of days and honestly, those are the best three words I could hear at this point. Have you ever lost your most prized possession? Or something that has the most sentimental value to you? Well, I have. Or I should say, I did a couple of days ago. As my sweet husband keeps telling me, ‘hey, it’s ok‘, which I appreciate more than he will ever know.

I hate that I am even writing this because it makes it even more real and honestly, this is something I never thought would happen to me. I lost my wedding band. Yes, the most special thing that I have and wear every single day and only take off when I shower. Somehow it just slipped off my finger and I have been so sad about it. I keep replaying the day and I literally do not have the slightest clue when it fell off.

I know it’s just a thing and everything can be replaced but I am just so sad that it is gone because of the sentimental value it has to me. It really was my most special thing and I loved that particular band because that was the band that he put on my finger during our wedding ceremony. It’s weird I know to be so sad about something so small and I know I will loose many more things along the way but I cannot tell you how distraught it has made me.

Even though he keepings telling me that it’s ok, I felt like I needed to share because I feel like we all need to be told that it’s ok sometimes. It’s odd but there is something very comforting about such a simple phrase because it’s so true. Regardless of what you are going through or maybe what has happened this week or the last, enjoy today because it’ll all be ok.

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