Happy Weekend

Amy havins shares her weekend plans in Paris. image via

Happy weekend! Can you guess where I am? Hint: the image above is a BIG clue. You guessed it, Paris!

Yesterday, I jumped on a flight with a girlfriend and headed to Paris for the week. I have not been to Paris in a little over 10 years so I am SO excited to be in the city of lights. Thankfully, the last time I was in Paris, we hit all of the ‘key things’ that you need to see in Paris, so this trip will be much different. The plan for the next week is shopping, relaxing, walking around, trying new restaurants and of course drinking lots of champagne!

Make sure to follow along on Instagram and SnapChat (user: DallasWardrobe) because there will be lots of fun things posted! Oh, if you have ANY favorite spots or recommendations for Paris, PLEASE comment below…I love trying new places! xx

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