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Happy weekend! Whoa baby what a week. Between e-mails and meetings it was packed but don’t you worry there was lots of fun as well. Last night (Thursday) my bestie Krystal and I hosted a party at DVF with W Magazine! It was such a fun night filled with lots of shopping, girl time and of course champagne. Post party, we all walked a few doors down and had dinner in the Village. We decided to call it an early night because of the big weekend ahead!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I am headed to Houston to host a party with Estee Lauder and Glamour Magazine at the Macy’s Estee Lauder beauty counter at the Houston Galleria. If you live in Houston make sure to stop by between 1-3PM to say hello, have a glass of champagne and get some great beauty tips from the experts and myself! It should be a really fun little afternoon get-together. Post party, I am jumping back on a plane to head to Dallas for my birthday dinner. While my birthday isn’t until Monday, we are celebrating with friends Saturday night. I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and if you live in Houston make sure to come say hello on Saturday between 1-3PM! I would love to meet some of you. Until Monday…

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