Happy Weekend

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TGIF. Wow, what a week. I mean it went by very quickly but was the longest week of my life if that is event possible. Again, not complaining because the beginning of the week was really fun (Sunday funday turned into Monday funday) so the last part of the week was spent playing catch up combined with my daily routine. I did manage to squeeze in life changing meal with my good friend Lynsey at HG Sply. You guys I cannot wait to go back to that place. Not only did I have one of the greatest meals (the burgerstack bowl) the entire restaurant had a sunset toast. Perfection. The hubby and I are attending a party there Saturday night & we will more than likely dine their afterwards. Again, it is SO good.

Besides the little get together Saturday night and a much anticipated Easter party at one of my besties Ranches, it should be a pretty quiet weekend. Probably brunch with the husband, catching a couple of spin classes & just relaxing. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! xx

p.s. if you live in Texas make sure to tune into The Broadcast on Monday morning at 10:30am to see myself, Lynsey & Courtney discuss all things AMA Awards fashion!

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