Happy Weekend

chanel shoesHappy Friday! Whoa, talk about a weird week. Monday and Tuesday the city of Dallas shut down for a little thing we like to call an ‘ice storm’. If you are not from Dallas you should know that an ‘ice storm’ is a thin layer of ice that will literally shut the city down. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t nice being forced to be at home for a couple of days. Thankfully for some crazy reason I went to the grocery store on Sunday afternoon so we actually had food at the house! Miracle I tell you!

Wednesday we had a little snow in the morning so I didn’t really get out until the end of the day when the sunshine came out! Yesterday was spent shooting photos around the city and then last night I attended a fun event at Neimans that Town & Country put on! Now it’s Friday…Whoa, slow but fast week!

Really looking forward to this weekend. Tonight I am attending the Meghan Trainor concert on behalf of HP, tomorrow one of our favorite friends comes to Dallas, so of course a big dinner is in order! Hopefully I will get a little sleep, catch a spin class (or two) and of course spend time with the puppies and husband! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend! Stay warm if you are in a cold part of the world! xx

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