Happy Weekend

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Happy Friday! Thank goodness for today and the next couple ahead. It has been quite the week..after trying to survive with not internet in our house for 7 days the company (that I will choose to not name) finally showed up only to get it working for about 3 hours. Awesome I tell you, just awesome. I am sure you are all now on the edge of your seats but hooray, we finally are good to go. No glitches in the past 24 hours so things are on the up and up for us!

This weekend was supposed to be slow but it’s turning into quite the busy weekend. Tonight is a long over-due dinner with some of my favorite people, then we shall see where the night takes us! Tomorrow will consist of (hopefully) spin class, brunch at a local favorite and then we plan on doing little projects around the new house. The husband leaves town on Monday to go play in a golf tournament all week, so I will be around Dallas for a few days and then I am headed north! I hope you all have the best weekend! xx

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