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Happy Friday everyone! What a week it has been! It has very short but very long at the same time. If you follow me on Instagram you know that last Saturday night we decided to jump on a plane and head to Vegas with friends. Spontaneous? VERY. We showed up at the airport with a basically empty carry-on. I did manage to grab my make up bag, rollers (duh), a pair of heels and a tee shirt. We figured we could just get everything else there! I would be lying if I said it wasn’t the most last minute adventure I have ever had. We ended up having an absolute blast. We spent time with friends, shopped, gambled and had lots of yummy food! We jumped on a flight Monday morning and the week went on per usual.

You know how last minute trips go, especially when there are lots of late nights, it takes a second to catch up on sleep and really re group. The rest of the week went pretty smoothly. Tried to catch up on the enormous amount of e-mails that are in my inbox, worked on some really exciting work projects and of course spent time with the puppies and husband.

Even though this weekend is Texas/OU weekend in Dallas, the plan is to relax, take care of things around the house and maybe even go to the movie. Who knows though…we said that last weekend and we ended up in Las Vegas. At least we plan on relaxing? Maybe one of these weekends it will actually happen. Happy a wonderful and safe weekend! xx

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