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Is it really Friday already? Ya, I love the weekend, in fact I live for the weekend but this week I could have used one (maybe two) extra days. If you don’t follow me on instagram, you probably didn’t know but last week I was out of town. Amazing trip, time of our lives but getting home to mass amounts of e-mails and other work related things is always a bit overwhelming…hence me wanting an extra day this week! I don’t mean to complain but you probably know how it is getting back to the office after being gone. CRAY!

Last night we celebrated the launch of a new collaboration and then went to dinner with friends. Such a fun night. Well lucky for me the fun doesn’t stop there. Tonight I am hosting (along with Shannon) a going away party for my sweet friend Lauren. Tear. Yes, I am looking forward to a little Farewell Fiesta at Casa de Havins but at the same time I am really sad about it. It is always hard when close friends move. Tomorrow night we will be attending a wedding and Sunday we will be celebrating my dad at his FAVORITE restaurant in Dallas, Campisis. Busy weekend, but all great things. I hope you have the best weekend. xx

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