Happy Weekend

Amy Havins wears all black paired with stuart weitzman over the knee highland boots.Happy weekend my friends! I feel like it has been a hot minute since I last did a weekend post. I blame the holidays. I will say this was the first year I truly stepped away from my computer and I could not be more grateful for that extra time I got to spend with my family. It was nice to really clear my head and take in the special holiday moments.

Now that we are over half way through the first month of the year, I figure what better time to REALLY get back on track. The last few weeks have been more than enjoyable. Not that we were not SUPER obsessed with baby Ralph from the get go, it’s crazy that the more his personality comes out and the better we get to know him the more obsessed we are. Is it weird when I say that I literally check the monitor at night and wish we could be snuggling? I’m probably going to eat my words on that one but oh well.

After the start of the new year my family took our very first beach trip! We spent some time on Nantucket last fall but Ralph was still very much in the blob phase (he was only 7 1/2 weeks), so this trip was SO much more fun with him because he wanted to play in the pool, watch movies in the hotel room and just be his sweet little self. It was such a blast taking him to one of our favorite beach get away spots and I know it will not be the last time baby Ralph is in Miami!

This weekend is going to be somewhat routine. We usually order in dinner with friends on Friday night, do our work outs together on Saturday morning, spend Saturday afternoon taking care of things and then Saturday night we always go out! It’s crazy to say but after this weekend, I feel like things are going to get crazy. As much as I love the slowness of the holidays I do love when things pick back up again.

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend and thank you all for being so patient with me as I have been a bit slow to post lately. I promise that I am back!!!


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